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Black Friday and Cyber Monday with G3Fashion

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Black Friday Is the most awaited Friday of all year for heavy and crazy shoppers all over the world.
All the e-seller and retailers around the world keeps an attractive and once in a year deals for shoppers, deals that will blow your mind.

So, what is Black Friday and Cyber Monday actually?
Black Friday is the Friday just after a Thanksgiving Day, which is wildly celebrated in the US. There would be long queues for hours of customers outside the stores, malls, shops to shop at the lowest price possible of the year, and also some there are holidays in some parts of US.
And the same thing happens on the internet on Cyber Monday. E-Tailers gives their best shot by giving competitive deals and discounts on Cyber Monday to their customers.
The concept of Black Friday and Cyber Monday has gone so viral that all the brands around the world gets willing to show up their deals to the customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

What are we giving to you?
We are functioning and making our customers happy since last year. It all started with GOSF-the Great Online Shopping Festival, which was held by Google India. And we have got the best of it. And, then, it was Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We have given the best of the best deals to our customers and hence, we have got the best in return, i.e. Customer’s satisfaction.

This time, we are up with more amazing deals and discounts and So,
  • We are giving you the best and lowest price possible with the amazing International Brands like Being Human, US Polo, Spykar, Levis, Lee and many many more
  • We are giving you this amazing chance to shop with us our infamous Ethnic wear, as wedding season has just begun!
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What are you giving us?
  • You are giving us the chance to satisfy you with our excellent customer service. (Trust me we will treat you as our dearest friend) And there is no doubt that we will give our worthiest to get a smile of your face when you’ll unpack your package!

So, keep an eye on our website for amazing, awesome and attractive deals.


Men’s Clothing – 9 Outfits that are Always Right!

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YEESSSSS! This is the post that you want..

Outfits that are never wrong to wear. Just wear it and rock it!

Well, yes this 9 clubbing of clothes are much cool that you don’t have to think once before wearing them up. But, yes you have to be sure about the outfits that will go well with the occasion. Like an example you can’t wear indo-western in office. Come on! Common sense, who wears it! (LOL)

Men’s clothing or I should say ‘Fashion for Men’ is a bit behind than women in India nowadays. Women are much interested to be updated and look hotter than men. You can see many Women Fashion blogger or style bloggers are very high than for men in India.

So from my side, I would love to update you on men's styles from this outfits to get some guide and hacks that would surely help you in many ways.

So, let’s get started with an essential thing to be in a wardrobe of men.

#1. Black Slim fit Suit

coat suit, black suit, black coat suit

Yes, this is the most essential attire in every men's wardrobe. Men are always going to rock it whenever they wear black suit. And Bollywood celebrities love to wear Black suit at awards, social events or any ceremonies. So, first things first, get one BLACK coat suit and if its not fitting properly get it tailored because a loose fitted black suit sucks.

Always keep in mind,What fits well, looks well!

#2. Blue Jeans, White Shirts with Beige Blazers

Blue Jeans, White Shirts, Beige Blazers

Blazer is like the thing of a cool gentlemen. No doubt, you would look amazing, hot and smart when you wear a Blazer. Clubbing a beige blazer with a blue jeans and white shirt is too classy. You should give a try and also experimenting/pairing with your wardrobe can give you a great look and another cool side of yourself. Best to wear it to look semi-formal.

#3. Graphic Tee with trouser

Graphic Tee, printed T-shirt, T-shirt, trouser, cotton trouser

So, casual wear is the hottest thing to wear because this is the attire that presents you in everyday life. As fas as I am concerned, the actual fashion sense of a person what he possess casually. So, straight up to the point, this pairing in the image is ideal and casually effective.

#4. Waistcoat, dark blue pants and black party shoes

Waistcoat, dark blue pants, black party shoes

Waistcoat is another awesome attire to club with at social party. At least one waistcoat is necessary because it can't go wrong in anyway. I recommend dark blue trouser with a contrast or matching waistcoat and of course its a party wear so you have to wear party shoes to rock it.

#5. Cotton shorts with patterned/quirky shirt

Cotton shorts, shorts, patterned shirt, quirky shirt, printed shirt

Shorts and quirky shirts are in nowadays. No matter where are you going, whether its a day on a beach, a weekend party or a long drive with someone special, this outfit above always works to give a remarkable glimpse. I personally love them a lot and wear them every week-off. Thumbs-up to this outfit.

#6. Designer Kurta Suit

Designer Kurta Suit, kurta pyjama

If you wear ethnic wear at ceremonies or festivals, you are a gentleman and your fashion sense is just perfect, that's what everyone thinks in India(he he he) and it is correct as well. Kurta suit looks flawless in every occasion and you will look amazing in that, I bet you on that!

#7. Denim shirt with beige chinos and boots

Denim shirt, beige chinos, boots

Even Captain America love this outfit. Now trust me, this is the amazing outfit to try out at a weekend. You can even wear it in working hours as this looks simple and sober in its own way.

#8. Ochre trousers

Ochre trousers, cotton trousers, trousers

There are many shades of ochre and almost all look amazing. The perfect pair-up colours are  the dark ones and my favourite Dark blue is the best. With this kind of trousers I personally love to wear loafers but at the end its your choice. To get a semi-formal look you can select brogues or boots as you can see in the above pic.

#9. Bandhgala Sherwani

Bandhgala Sherwani, Sherwani, Groom Sherwani

I always look forward to see what "Nawab" Saif Sir's attire is, because he always comes with something different or remarkable in his own way, and of course he looks 'Incredibly Royal' in whatever he wears. Just like this Bandhgala Sherwani he wore at his sister, Soha Ali Khan's wedding. This is also one of the perfect ethnic wear that you should prefer to wear at times.

So, now you have a cool list to be Cool and above this world. So buck-up, invest in some serious fashion and keep yourself different from the crowd.

A lot in the box to come to you from my side,
Stay tuned and Enjoy!

Have a good day!

Style Update - Black Wedding Collection

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Hello Fellas,

Welcome back...
So now we are here to Check out on the latest fashion trends for Indian Wedding. Yes, you read it right. "Indian Wedding", When we talk or think about the Indian Weddings the big fat celebration comes in our mind which is obvious, we love Indian weddings as it includes so many ceremonies, fun and memories.

The biggest confusion when it comes to visiting a wedding is what to wear? Yes, it is the toughest decision while selecting a wedding attire no matter whether it's a cousin's wedding or friend's wedding. We always want to become a limelight at the event. For any Woman/Girl.

Some things should be kept in mind while selecting the outfit for the wedding including the colour of outfit, make-up, footwear & jewellery. Well yes, these things should be proper to get the stunning look at the wedding. The colours which can wear at weddings are black, white, blue, red, pinks, greens and much more...

Yes, you read it right I said, Black. Usually, in India it is said not to wear black at a wedding the beliefs is black signifies the colour of mourning. But let's face the fact, black is always favourite when it comes to the occasion like parties & different event. So let us check out how can you wear a beautiful black dress for weddings.

So lets check out for whose wedding you can wear what and that too in BLACK . 

What to wear for Cousin's Wedding

Cousin's or family wedding is the most fun ever. And obviously we want to look our best at the event. So What you can wear for cousin's wedding.

Lehenga Choli 

Black Lehenga choli, Black Choli
Black Coloured Lehenga Choli
Lehenga's are always great when it comes to near & dear one's wedding.. You can go for a designer silk lehenga or even designer asymmetric lehenga choli with heavy embroidery work. 

Saree & Salwar Kameez

Black Saree, Wedding wear black saree, Partwear Black Saree
Half & Half Black saree
Half n half sarees & lehenga sarees both are in nowadays. Go select your designer drape like deepika Padukone in lehenga style saree or like that one black & white half n half saree with designer blouse.

And when we talk about salwar kameez, those floor length full flared anarkalis are just best choices. In black you can go like this ones.
Black Anarkali Suit, Black suit
Black Anarkali Suit

What to wear at friend's wedding

So friends are the most important part of one's life. Whether its best friend or Casual or close friends they have their special place in our lives so its necessary to look different and perfect at tehir wedding. 

I will suggest to go for a designer indo-western style lehenag choli or half n half designer saree with embroidery & heavy look. You can go for some like this.
And for any other friends you can anytime go for a beautiful black salwar kameez. Trend of straight cuts are also very high along with anarkalis. Go for heavy embroideries, works and patches for the perfect look.
Black Anarkali Suit
Black Anarkali Suit 
So never go wrong at your friend's special day look special & feel proud for him. 

What to wear at relative's wedding

So India is knows for its hospitality & relationship with everyone. We all are collected with each other no matter how far the relation is... Your cousin's cousins is also your good friend because your family are connected. So usually need to attend many relative's, their kids and their relatives weddings. 
Designer Black Saree
Designer Black Saree
Salwar kameez are always the first choice whether she is married or single. Salwar suits are comfortable in its own way . Go for a beautiful anarkali or palazzo style salwar kameez or simple silk chudidar suit. 

For married woman its always preferable to wear saree at such occasion. You can go for a silk, georgette, chiffon, net or half n half saree to get the perfect look at any wedding.

Few Tips for the perfect look :

1) Have suitable footwear : Yes it is very important to wear a comfortable footwear for the marriage. Choose footwear which is comfortable & confident of wearing those. Dont always go for golds, and silvers try new colours for the wedding. But we sure is compliments you and your dressing.

2) Makeup : Avoid too much make up. Before choosing makeup you should keep in mind few things like your outfit colour, pattern, venue of the wedding, season . Dont feel bad if you need to take advice from an expert .

So ladies thats all for now..

See ya! soon with new trend update .

For Men – Become the Thor of Grooming

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Hello everyone again, how you all doing?
Yes, you read it right!
You can be Thor, I mean a god of grooming with this simple grooming hacks for you.
Looking good is essential for everyone, women and men. Men needs to do a lot of grooming work to themselves and as to women, but men’s grooming is a bit complicated unlike women.
So today, here, I am giving you “The Top 10” grooming tips for men with what you can be Thor and then you can join Avengers, probably,..... . .. . ..NOT!
So let’s get started!

#1. Dress well

grooming tips for men

At last dress sense is always leads and defines your personality completely. Stay updated with fashion, keep an eye on everything and modify again and again your fashion sense. Dressing well, as per the occasion is all that you need. Coat suits at sensational social party, pathanis on festivals, Indo Westerns in weddings and casuals for every day. If you are wearing a cool and awesome tailored blazer on a casual day, just to show off, then congratulations, you are officially announced as ‘Fashion Dumb-ass’

#2. Follow a regular skin care routine

Yes, your skin also need care, A LOT! Bath daily (you have to), better if twice*sigh*. Wash your face twice in a day with a face wash, avoid soaps, and additionally keep washing your face, whenever you come home or anywhere after going out. It will reduce dirt, pollution particles, and keep moisture on the skin.

#3. Manscaping is Needy.

Manscape means to remove unwanted hairs other than you scalp hairs. Yes, girls don’t like hairy underarms or anything down there! Yes, you guessed it right. It is essential for us. And don’t be lazy in doing it. As per some scientists and surveys, hairs develop more perspiration and as a result your body will stink. So the less hair, the more you rock! I would recommend you to use body groom shaver instead of shaving like your beard or waxing (waxing hurts and sucks too).

#4. Visit your Hairstylist Often.

Get a classy look. But, wait you’ll get it only if your hairstylist is classy. So primarily, get a hairstylist, talk with him about your desired look, show him/her if possible and visit him/her often to trim or set your look. Normally, you should visit once in 3 to 4 weeks.

#5. Say ‘Hell No’ to poorly groomed moustache and beard.

To be honest, beard and moustache is in, but you should know to groom it wisely. Trim it regularly, by keeping its length in mind and just trim the old edged of it. And if you can’t do it properly, hand it over to professionals. At last, the perfect groomy look is what you need.

#6. Be neat and clean.

Always keep in mind, long and big nails are girls’ thing. You are 200 percent and apparently going to look bad. So, keep short nails of hands and toes as well, Bath daily, manscape yourself and have fun!

#7. Be Selective with your grooming Products.

Don’t just go at grocery store and pick-up that product which is cheap. You need to work on this things. Know the type of your hair, take advice, read about brands and products, select one and stick on it for a whole long time. Genuine trimmers or razors, Shampoos and conditioners, wax, gel or serums. Everything should get a perfect and easily habituated to your body. Its important!

#8. Because you also need to smell good!

If your smell good, half stuff is done! So try to find that perfect aroma or scent that suits and defines your personality perfectly. If you find one, then get one in-stock for safety side. I would not recommend you roll-ups, Go for scents and deodorants. I normally love to combine the smell of both to get a whole different one!

#9. To be choosy for watch, wallets and belts is mandatory.

This 3 thing is the sign of a true style of a Man. If you understood and chose the perfect colour, brand and fabric of these 3, your demand graph is going to go higher and higher and HIGHER!

#10. Physique matters!

Last but never the least, your figure or your body type. If you are tall and have a pretty athlete body, then girls are going to be attracted in fraction of eye-contacts. Too much slim, fat, or too much muscular, in short anything that is too much, will be too much for your personality and also for girls. And girls like anything too much. They just want perfect.

So This are some simple and important grooming hacks to be the Thor of Grooming. Here you have the list of how to be a complete and perfect looking man.

Have fun!
Be here with some more updates and life hacks for you guys.

Stay updated.

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3 Must have jeans for women

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Hey fashionistas, how you doing?

So we are up today with another blog and we going to talk about Jeans that are must have for a women.

So Short Story about Jeans!

3 Must Have Jeans

So, jeans are invented or you can say firstly manufactured by Jacob Davis in 1871, which was made up of denim and dungaree, and since then it never went out of trend. In fact, people started loving to wear jeans and jeans has claimed the Default place in Casual wear.

3 Must have Denims
Your casual wear is not too casual if you don’t possess Jeans and women’s best friend is never a human, (I think everyone knows that ;-)) Some women love jewelleries, many love clothes especially different types and patterns of jeans (we have every type B-)). 

First of all, take a look on these 3 denims which are trendy right now and a must have for a Fashionista girl!
3 Must Have Jeans

Yes these 3 colours, Ice blue, Basic Blue and Black.
3 Must Have Jeans

Women are comparatively more self-obsessed than men, that’s the reason we are giving the following tips to women because we want you to follow us!
Jokes apart, women love to wear jeans because of its comfort, fits, and because it gives a Hot, Chic look to them, it increases their beauty, lets them enjoy in their way for outings, casual roaming on day-or-night out.

Style yourself with Pair-ups like a stylist and here some Do’s or Tips or Tricks for you!
  1. Do cuff your jeans when wear flats or sandals as a footwear.
  2. Do wear skinny fit jeans in a perfect fit.
  3. Do pair up the skinny fit jeans with blousy tops and with slouchy jeans with fitted tops.
  4. Do wear a classy belt to add charm on the whole look.
On Occasions to wear
You can’t wear every jeans at every events. You can wear an Ice Blue Jeans which gives a sophisticated jeans at semi-formals and parties. Then if you are wearing Black jeans for casuals and outings and also in parties with a clean cool crop top. Basic Blue Jeans is the most basic one and most of the people wear it in casuals or day-out to keep the look simple and also demanding.

Which one makes you Perfect!
Now, get a close look on this chart below, because this is all what you need to know about wearing a jeans.

Body Type

A Perfect Fit For you

Perfect Jeans Style, Colour, or Pockets

Tall and slim, athletic
Comfy jeans to help you highlight and create your curves
Skinny Fit, slim fit, low rise; light coloured denim, back pockets
Wide legged jeans to create petite shape outline.
Mid to high waist dark colour, minimal pocket detailing
Wide legged to balance hips, recommended boyfriend and straight legged jeans
Mid-rise, mid-sized pockets


These don’ts are a big, huge, gigantic and massive “NNOOO” to do with jeans. Please get it and stick it in your mind. These things can make your day become your worst.
  1. Don’t try jeans with too much graffiti or prints. Embroidered jeans sucks.
  2. Jeans is ideal with accessories but too much accessories look cheap.
  3. Don’t pick up the over length jeans. NEVER!
  4. Don’t join the muffin club.
  5. Hell No! To large belt buckles.
  6. Wear low-waist but don’t wear Be-Low-Ass.
  7. Don’t wear too baggy jeans that have the space of 3 more pair of legs.
  8. Don’t wear it on corporate occasions.

So that’s all for today!
Many things are up in pipeline for you!
So stay updated and have fun!
Live Life!

Deepika Padukone in Red – Style Evolution

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The actress who began her career with Om Shanti Om for which we thank SRK to bring such talent to the industry with is acting skills support, now Deepika Padukone has become one of the most successful actresses of her time. This has brought her a new challenge of day to day life for bringing up bets performances on screen.
Om Shanti Om, Deepika Padukone OSO, Deepika in Red

No wonder Shanti Priya (Deepika) looked sensuously breath-taking then in the 70’s fashion which she carried out so well and later to a chic style statements in her next movies like Love Aaj Kal, Bachna ae Haseeno and Cocktail which brought a new style look. She has maintained a good impression with her fashion style and her looks in Designer Sarees is an exception to all. We loved her style and it has just got better and keeps getting better day by day.
Deepika padukone in red, red gown, deepika photoshoot in red

Her Saree love has been on the top, and when she carried out white sarees she left an impression hitting skies. (Deepika Padukone in White Sarees) Her love for white has got a tempting and sizzling hot transition in Red. Deepika in Red fashion has brought the Diva a new Bold and Dynamic image of her fashion senses to her strong clean roles on screen.

Have a look at Deepika Padukone in Red Fashion

Deepika in Red Sarees

The actresses as worn Red sarees in her music launch events to movie premiers like Finding Fanny, Chennai Express, and the Latest Awards at Malaysia the IIFA Awards 2015 (Best Dressed Celebs at IIFA Awards 2015) where she stunned in a Sabyasachi Red and golden saree. Her pretty Butti work saree all over the saree seen at the Bachchan’s Diwali Party last year is a great example of shifting her fashion style from white sarees to Red sarees.
, Deepika at iifa red saree, deepika red saree look

Deepika in Red Gowns

Her western feel of fashion has remained a loud statement look, and she dares to carry a new silhouette proudly at the red carpet. She has been seen in Stella McCartney Gown, Gauri and Nainika Gown, Elie Saab, and more. Her IIFA awards 2014 Red Gown was so inspiring and led trend of that kind of embroidered patterns.
Deepika Padukone in Red Gown, Deepika at CQ awards, Deepika at iifa 2014

Deepika in Red Salwar Kameez

She has also worn Red salwar suits at her movie premiers and even when she is out for a festival celebration or off for a puja. She carries the red in traditional outfits just in the perfect manner as she carries her western fashion outfits. The anarkali suit she carried for the film promo of Chennai Express at Comedy nights with Kapil was also one very much loved and trending outfit.
Deepika Padukone in Red Salwar Kameez, deepika red salwar suits, deepika in red outfits

Deepika in Red Western Fashion

The Diva stuns us in her perfect western outfits in Red dresses to her Red casual pants. She carries this pretty Red calf length lace dress at the New Vogue eyewear launch. Another suited up look which built a good classy image for her. Paired up shirts and blouses with her Red pants and Red Pencil Skirt, all just was wow and right style statements.
deepika in red dress, deepika padukone red fashion style, red outfit

Bollywood Shopaholic – Fashion and Shopping with Actresses

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 Just to give the actresses a salute for their shopaholic quality or nature which we suppose is really brilliant, no wonder they walk out in well-dressed or styled up attire for casual to celebrations.

Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, just to name a few are bollywood shopaholics. Making the fashion and style revamp their looks and enjoys their shopping at their personal favourite spots but as well as some designer labels they are obsessed with.

Being a shopaholic isn’t really a negative statement, in fact these celebs only made it sound better with their love for shopping online or offline from brand best stores to flea markets. These actresses spent their personal favourite time shopping which gives them the best time when they need a break. Shopping for Indian wear or western that doesn’t stop them or limit them from wanting to buy apparels, shoes, jewellery or accessories

Bollywood Shopaholic Actresses

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan

Let’s not be shocked at this as we always see Kareena being dressed up in a fashionista role when not shooting take it from the green van or the small events she heads to in those comfy fashionable casual outfits. She is an online shopaholic and she confesses to being attracted to shop online anytime she finds free. Her shopping of casuals has made her always star up in new fashion trends seen in those salwar Kameez, tunics, palazzos, dresses and more which she enjoys buying online.
  • Priyanka Chopra

The actress of course finds herself in love with shopping and what she really can’t pull off a shopping day is without a good pair of footwear. She has owns her very branded kind of footwear from Jimmy Choo, Louboutins not to forget she can shop shoes from any place just to spot one to complete her shopping.
  • Deepika Padukone

Yes, yes even Deepika doesn’t miss a spot for shopping, just give her free time and all she can think of is shopping. She confesses of being a shopaholic and has a thing for footwear, her luggage is stocked up in the same patterned or colour footwear just to give her options. She would shop anywhere from a petrol pump small shop, flea market or anything she catches interest in, it doesn’t have to be a departmental store.
  • Sonam Kapoor

The actress shows up almost at every event in well styled and dressed outfit appearances which is always talked about so much, so it’s obvious that Ms. Kapoor loves shopping and yes she is a bollywood shopaholic. Buying from haute couture in Paris and NY to street market accessories that’s her thing finds the best at Goa which she styles up greatly that makes it enjoyable for her to just shop! Shop! And Shop!
  • Kalki Koechlin

Another bollywood shopaholic from vintage clothing collections to a whole of over 60 pairs of shoes overloading her shoe wardrobe gets in this list as well. She loves shopping for footwear and vintage clothes from London. We have seen her super sophisticated and stylish fashion run the trend and makes her just love shopping for anything when she’s on shoots or just all by herself.

What’s in Fashion style 2015-2016 with Top 10 Trends

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Fashion styles keep changing as per the new trends and it’s reviving factors which leads to new statement styles each year shall say the come backs in trend style which seems to work the most. 2014 has given us such tremendous trends which could adopt a long lasting style yet this year we have such new trend styles as well.

I have got a list of the current fashion style statements which will eventually trend next year as well. Let’s check out an ongoing style and some come backs of the 70’s fashion in 2015. You can know the trends of Spring Summer for fashion.

10 Fashion style statements for 2015-2016

Some are revived and some trending from earlier years are expected to be statements in fashion Now. 

 1. Box Pleat Midi Skirt
This ones have been haute couture trend and seen worn at events and red carpets. They are chic and feminine, look good for a casual occasion from summer spring to autumn. Invest in a floral midi skirt or a plain vibrant hue box pleat midi skirt.
box pleat midi skirt, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

 2. Tunic Tops
Say this is a more eastern fashion? Well might be but works just well for western style statements as well. Tunic tops are well worn with pants, trousers and leggings, sheer tops to the flowy cowl ones 
or the shirt tunic tops are fab for a fashion stylish look. 

tunic tops, long tunics, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,
 3. The Fringe Fashion
I have seen this come up more and more, not only in those lavish evening gowns or the Vegas destination but a version of dressy tops to casual bags have the fringe trend fans. It’s totally in, here’s what I recommend, try the smaller bits of fringe in your outfits like boots, bags to start up with.
Fringe fashion, fringe style, fringe fashion in outfits , fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

 4. Flare Pants
Okay these have been in a great fashion style since last year showing a more relaxed wear from casual to resort wear. This year we have a more dared look with flares on red carpets to street fashion and suiting as well.
flare pants, palazzo pants in fashion, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

 5. Crop Pants/ cropped trousers
A sophisticated style version of stylish wardrobe, Crop trousers have been worn much more since last year and now the trends will make it last even more longer. Suit them up, wear them with crop tops, tunic tops, and more to find a stylish classic style.
cropped pants, chopped trousers, cropped trousers in fashion, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

6.  Metallic Fashion
I will say we all have these and this has become a must for the generation fashion I suppose. Why, cause it’s versatile not only for clubs and parties but casual to street fashion too. Find those metallic elements in different forms on shirts, tops, jackets, skirts, pants and more. It will trend even higher by 2016 fashion look.
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 7. Sheer Fashion
Another fashion statement style which has been in for long and will oomph your personal style look with casual to party look. Shirt blouses worked best last year and we also saw the sheer fashion on the runway to red carpet well concepts of fashion silhouettes. It’s very safe to invest in this style statement even for 2016. View a collection of this here
sheer fashion, sheer tops, sheer dresses in fashion, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

8.  Bustier Tops/Bralet/Bandeau
All three can be worn and a choice of pair up will give a striking fashion look with these. Love the way they add feminine style to an outfit, choose some for resort wear, holidays, casual street fashion and the events and party dressing. Prints, plains or lace anything to pair up right well.
bralets in fashion, bustier tops in fashion, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

 9. Sporty chic fashion
Simple yet stylish, sporty yet fashionable, here’s the statement, opt for a sporty element with a stylish version of the outfit. Plimsolls are best to pair up as foot wear, track-pants and a stylish top or a sporty tee and formal pants, just do your sporty outfit with chic look for the year.
sporty chic fashion style, plimsolls in fashion, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

 10. Low/small Heels
Thank god, the heels are in, yes and those comfy ones, invest in smaller heels now. Kitten heels are good options to flat heels pumps. These will become trending highly again by upcoming years again.
short heels fashion, small heels in fashion style, fashion style 22015, fashion 2016, fashion in 2015-2016,

That’s all for the top 10 list of fashion statement for 2015-2016 with all the kind of fashion styles to try and invest in for safe trend looks.