Men’s Travel Wardrobe for 3 Days - Business Trip 9 Outfits

Fashion Travel Styling Tips For Men
Men always have their work hectic schedules, and run out of time to be stylish on their work trip. Traveling for a business trip has an average of 3 days travel plan, where they can still be stylish with just a few clothes to carry along the trip.

Keeping their fashion statement by their classy business look, it limits certain selection of apparels and accessories, so keeping the look simple, I have come up with these easy carry along apparels for a 3 days business trip and travel dress up plan. Also read What to wear on a Holiday Trip for Women - Basic travel outfit Guide
Business Trip Look, Men's clothing

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Let’s start up with the basics and the outfit you’re traveling in, will be coming in use as well. The traveling outfit requires to be sophisticated yet relaxing so opt for a jeans, the business look blazer in black and shirts, a white tee, brown belt, pair of shoes, a watch, and your luggage to carry the following listed below:

Day 1
Men's clothing, Men's fashion

1) Traveling with your classy blazer and comfy denim paired up with a white t-shirt.
2) Business meeting, wear the same denim with your light blue shirt and your waistcoat.
3) Your night falls with a great dinner in the casual relaxing feel with your beige chino pants and black tee to feel casual and can explore the night life.

Day 2
Business trip look, Men's fashion, Men's wear

1) Spend the day to explore the place and your interests of sightseeing, in the shorts and blue shirt and white foot wear.
2) Back in the evening go out for the club life, with the classy look, in beige chino, white tee and your black blazer that should do the trick to look smart and fun.
3) Go for walk and roadside dinner, to check out the best food restaurants in town and collect your memorable moments in a comfy feel by just replacing the blazer with the denim shirt.

Day 3
Men's clothing, Men's wear, Men's fashion

1) Breakfast with business associates, the comfy morning self-groomed look with a denim shirt and jeans, shall give you a relaxing sophisticated look.
2) Seems you need to relax out in your jeans and t-shirt, layering up with the black t-shirt on top of the white and you’re off for a café lunch.
3) Back home, return journey, wear your beige chino and blue shirt, just the simpler business look.

That’s it, you have your different outfits on all three days, from your business look to your party look and to the causal relaxing look.

The best fashion styling tips for men who go on business trips, and don’t have time to pack, check on this list and you are all ready to look smart all 3 days of your journey.

Wearing a different outfit at trips does not need more clothes but more style tips to mix and match the fashion look, for different needs. Men’s fashion has now caught a trend of travel wardrobes, and do need fashion styling for their business trips as well. Buy the common and basic needs of apparels in neutrals, they normally win the smart looks.

Tips to remember with this is always carry a pair of jeans, and over layering apparels like, blazer, cardigans, waistcoat or more tees to do the styling right.


  1. wow, i really like the style tips you gave, awesome, that makes it easy to pack now.

    1. Thank you, it is easier to carry less but wear different outfits.