7 Ways of Wearing Mens Bottom Wear

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There are stylish men’s bottom wear for casual fashion, this is one of the type of style which men will give more attention to. Well this is also one wear which can get you several different style ways just by the same bottom wear. You can style up one outfit in different ways with men’s bottoms like jeans and cotton trousers to corduroys which brings up a new look each time you change up the style of pairing and accessioning which men have become fond of now a days.

Now let’s get on to the main topic of enrolling the style sheets for men to dress up one type of pants or bottom wear in different ways, this is an easy way to pack for travelling for them. Get more top wear then bottom wear, this way your outfit looks change with same repeat apparel, here’s a related post to 1 easy carry travel wardrobe post which guides how you can eventually pack for business trips. In this post I will show you the different casual looks in the same bottom wear but different styles.

Men’s Fashion of Bottom wear in 7 styles
All men have neutral shades stored up, so there are many ways to style these up. I will go for a navy Blue which is a good option in jeans/cotton pants/corduroys to get all types of looks and styles.

  • ·         Dynamic Business casual wear

Pick up your bottoms in and add a white plain casual shirt. Add up those perfect brown leather shoes and choose to add a belt if it suits or a muffler if it’s chilly. A smart sophisticated look for work and makes an impression for the casual business look.
  • Definite Business Casual Wear

Add up a shirt in stripes or plain go for a white or other tints and tuck in your shirt for the professional look. Layer this up with a Blazer in darker/light shades to dusky shades this may be paired with your shoes and ad a tie for the perfect look.
  • Impressive Party Casual wear

Pair up a tee, keep it simple in round neck to Henley necks and add on your blazer to look comfortable with your blue bottoms.
  • Day hangout Casual wear

An  unbuttoned shirt to look good on your blue bottoms, casual shirt in checks or plains will do great paired up with a tee inside this in white, red, ochre, etc. and sneakers to get the right look.
  • Summer casual Wear

Wear a bright colour t-shirt with your blue bottoms these are in, or go for the bright shirts with prints, keep it simple. Your sunglasses are always a carry and you may add a cap.
  • Winter Casual wear

Switch to your full sleeves t-shirts or sweatshirts to look classic. Another option is by wearing cardigans or v-neck sweaters these will look great in grey, brown, and black. Style up with a muffler and high ankle boots.
  • Ultra Bold Party Casual Wear

Get into the look with the smart dark party wear shirts to small print shirts, fold up your sleeves till elbow and put on a deep v-neck waistcoat in black, brown, or other suiting shades. Leave your shirt untucked and leave the waistcoat open or vice verse tuck in your shirt and button up your waistcoat.

That gives us 7 ways to wear 1 bottom wear in different styles and looks, so that does it, you need to carry less bottom wear than top wear. This styles can be done on any kinds and any colours of bottom wear as per your personal choices. 

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  1. Fanatics looks and great article! I especially like the summer causal look as I have a soft spot for floral prints.