Make up to go with lehenga choli

Every woman in this world is concern about their look and especially when it comes to any special occasion they want to look perfect. Perfect outfit and make up is the weakness of a woman. But we need to take care about our make up as per the occasion. Make up for different occasions vary with the outfit.
Makeup that goes with lehenga choli

If we talk about Indian wedding we mostly like to wear a designer saree or beautiful lehenga choli. Nowadays many types of lehenga choli in different colours are available, even you can buy designer lehenga choli online easily. So let’s check out different type of makeup suitable with lehenga choli as per the occasion.

4 Make up styles to go with Lehenga choli for different occasion

1) Bridal Make up
On the biggest day of a woman’s life, she wants to look her best. She wants to look picture perfect and most beautiful so she needs to choose the makeup correctly. Basically in India the outfit for the bride is in Red bright colour with full embroidery or heavy work.
Makeup that goes with Lehenga Choli

The makeup of the bride should be heavy and dark. The emphasis is on the Eyes and lips. If you love the sparkling eye make up its good to go for a light shade lipstick and with Smokey eyes you can always go for dark/bright Lipstick.
Always remember to select the eye shades as per your outfit.

2) Reception Make Up
Makeup that goes with Lehenga Choli

After wedding Reception is the ceremony when a woman glammed up her look to its best. Mostly lehenga choli in bright and dark colours are more preferable like Navy, bottle green, maroon, black, etc for the evening. So she need to have heavy make-up with more of blush and gorgeous eye make-up which could be in glitter or Smokey form. The eye liner should be intense with a bright dark lipstick like Mauve, Red, brown, maroon to get the perfect look.

3) Sangeet Make up
Makeup that goes with Lehenga Choli

Pastel colours are in trend nowadays. Make-up with the pastel shades should be taken carefully. Makeup with the pastel shades should be neutral. Natural make up with light neutral shaded eye shadows, natural blush. You can go for a dark lipsticks like Orange, Red, Hot pink.

Makeup that goes with Lehenga Choli

With pastel shades you can even go with nude make up with natural light make up along with nude lipstick.

4) Wedding Make up

Makeup that goes with Lehenga Choli

Makeup that goes with Lehenga Choli

Wedding in India is being celebrated like a festival. Everyone wants to look their best. Woman choose the trendy and fashionable outfit for the event and lehenga choli is one of the best option for it. For wedding ceremony go for light natural make up with light blush and lipstick like watermelon shade, pink, peach, red, coral shades , apply eye liner with a catchy eye-shadow. Always chose the eye shadow which suits your outfit.

Basic Tips For Makeup
-         1) Always use clean brushes before applying makeup
2) Always apply the lip liner in proper way.  
3) Opt for eye liner shades in dark rather than lighter ones, royal blue, dark green, dark brown   and      black are widely recommended.
4) Apply a lip primer before applying any lipstick shade for even smudged look.


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