3 Must have jeans for women

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Hey fashionistas, how you doing?

So we are up today with another blog and we going to talk about Jeans that are must have for a women.

So Short Story about Jeans!

3 Must Have Jeans

So, jeans are invented or you can say firstly manufactured by Jacob Davis in 1871, which was made up of denim and dungaree, and since then it never went out of trend. In fact, people started loving to wear jeans and jeans has claimed the Default place in Casual wear.

3 Must have Denims
Your casual wear is not too casual if you don’t possess Jeans and women’s best friend is never a human, (I think everyone knows that ;-)) Some women love jewelleries, many love clothes especially different types and patterns of jeans (we have every type B-)). 

First of all, take a look on these 3 denims which are trendy right now and a must have for a Fashionista girl!
3 Must Have Jeans

Yes these 3 colours, Ice blue, Basic Blue and Black.
3 Must Have Jeans

Women are comparatively more self-obsessed than men, that’s the reason we are giving the following tips to women because we want you to follow us!
Jokes apart, women love to wear jeans because of its comfort, fits, and because it gives a Hot, Chic look to them, it increases their beauty, lets them enjoy in their way for outings, casual roaming on day-or-night out.

Style yourself with Pair-ups like a stylist and here some Do’s or Tips or Tricks for you!
  1. Do cuff your jeans when wear flats or sandals as a footwear.
  2. Do wear skinny fit jeans in a perfect fit.
  3. Do pair up the skinny fit jeans with blousy tops and with slouchy jeans with fitted tops.
  4. Do wear a classy belt to add charm on the whole look.
On Occasions to wear
You can’t wear every jeans at every events. You can wear an Ice Blue Jeans which gives a sophisticated jeans at semi-formals and parties. Then if you are wearing Black jeans for casuals and outings and also in parties with a clean cool crop top. Basic Blue Jeans is the most basic one and most of the people wear it in casuals or day-out to keep the look simple and also demanding.

Which one makes you Perfect!
Now, get a close look on this chart below, because this is all what you need to know about wearing a jeans.

Body Type

A Perfect Fit For you

Perfect Jeans Style, Colour, or Pockets

Tall and slim, athletic
Comfy jeans to help you highlight and create your curves
Skinny Fit, slim fit, low rise; light coloured denim, back pockets
Wide legged jeans to create petite shape outline.
Mid to high waist dark colour, minimal pocket detailing
Wide legged to balance hips, recommended boyfriend and straight legged jeans
Mid-rise, mid-sized pockets


These don’ts are a big, huge, gigantic and massive “NNOOO” to do with jeans. Please get it and stick it in your mind. These things can make your day become your worst.
  1. Don’t try jeans with too much graffiti or prints. Embroidered jeans sucks.
  2. Jeans is ideal with accessories but too much accessories look cheap.
  3. Don’t pick up the over length jeans. NEVER!
  4. Don’t join the muffin club.
  5. Hell No! To large belt buckles.
  6. Wear low-waist but don’t wear Be-Low-Ass.
  7. Don’t wear too baggy jeans that have the space of 3 more pair of legs.
  8. Don’t wear it on corporate occasions.

So that’s all for today!
Many things are up in pipeline for you!
So stay updated and have fun!
Live Life!

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