For Men – Become the Thor of Grooming

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Hello everyone again, how you all doing?
Yes, you read it right!
You can be Thor, I mean a god of grooming with this simple grooming hacks for you.
Looking good is essential for everyone, women and men. Men needs to do a lot of grooming work to themselves and as to women, but men’s grooming is a bit complicated unlike women.
So today, here, I am giving you “The Top 10” grooming tips for men with what you can be Thor and then you can join Avengers, probably,..... . .. . ..NOT!
So let’s get started!

#1. Dress well

grooming tips for men

At last dress sense is always leads and defines your personality completely. Stay updated with fashion, keep an eye on everything and modify again and again your fashion sense. Dressing well, as per the occasion is all that you need. Coat suits at sensational social party, pathanis on festivals, Indo Westerns in weddings and casuals for every day. If you are wearing a cool and awesome tailored blazer on a casual day, just to show off, then congratulations, you are officially announced as ‘Fashion Dumb-ass’

#2. Follow a regular skin care routine

Yes, your skin also need care, A LOT! Bath daily (you have to), better if twice*sigh*. Wash your face twice in a day with a face wash, avoid soaps, and additionally keep washing your face, whenever you come home or anywhere after going out. It will reduce dirt, pollution particles, and keep moisture on the skin.

#3. Manscaping is Needy.

Manscape means to remove unwanted hairs other than you scalp hairs. Yes, girls don’t like hairy underarms or anything down there! Yes, you guessed it right. It is essential for us. And don’t be lazy in doing it. As per some scientists and surveys, hairs develop more perspiration and as a result your body will stink. So the less hair, the more you rock! I would recommend you to use body groom shaver instead of shaving like your beard or waxing (waxing hurts and sucks too).

#4. Visit your Hairstylist Often.

Get a classy look. But, wait you’ll get it only if your hairstylist is classy. So primarily, get a hairstylist, talk with him about your desired look, show him/her if possible and visit him/her often to trim or set your look. Normally, you should visit once in 3 to 4 weeks.

#5. Say ‘Hell No’ to poorly groomed moustache and beard.

To be honest, beard and moustache is in, but you should know to groom it wisely. Trim it regularly, by keeping its length in mind and just trim the old edged of it. And if you can’t do it properly, hand it over to professionals. At last, the perfect groomy look is what you need.

#6. Be neat and clean.

Always keep in mind, long and big nails are girls’ thing. You are 200 percent and apparently going to look bad. So, keep short nails of hands and toes as well, Bath daily, manscape yourself and have fun!

#7. Be Selective with your grooming Products.

Don’t just go at grocery store and pick-up that product which is cheap. You need to work on this things. Know the type of your hair, take advice, read about brands and products, select one and stick on it for a whole long time. Genuine trimmers or razors, Shampoos and conditioners, wax, gel or serums. Everything should get a perfect and easily habituated to your body. Its important!

#8. Because you also need to smell good!

If your smell good, half stuff is done! So try to find that perfect aroma or scent that suits and defines your personality perfectly. If you find one, then get one in-stock for safety side. I would not recommend you roll-ups, Go for scents and deodorants. I normally love to combine the smell of both to get a whole different one!

#9. To be choosy for watch, wallets and belts is mandatory.

This 3 thing is the sign of a true style of a Man. If you understood and chose the perfect colour, brand and fabric of these 3, your demand graph is going to go higher and higher and HIGHER!

#10. Physique matters!

Last but never the least, your figure or your body type. If you are tall and have a pretty athlete body, then girls are going to be attracted in fraction of eye-contacts. Too much slim, fat, or too much muscular, in short anything that is too much, will be too much for your personality and also for girls. And girls like anything too much. They just want perfect.

So This are some simple and important grooming hacks to be the Thor of Grooming. Here you have the list of how to be a complete and perfect looking man.

Have fun!
Be here with some more updates and life hacks for you guys.

Stay updated.

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